About Us


Who we are:

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Many different factors can leave children at risk.

BCT is a Christian charity for children at risk, in Africa and beyond.

We are dedicated to mobilising Christians to respond to the needs of vulnerable children. Our vision is to see the worldwide Church leading the way in building a local and global society where children at risk are loved, safe, nurtured and free to reach their God-given potential. To achieve this, we partner with church-led, community-based projects, helping to restore the lives of some of the world’s most marginalised children.

What we do:

BCT equips project partners to reach out to children at risk in their communities.

These children at risk include those affected by abuse, HIV, homelessness and poverty, disabled children and even those accused of witchcraft. Through workshops, advocacy and collaborative relationships, we’re working with, and through, our partner projects to:

  • combat ignorance and cultural beliefs that leave children at risk of harm.
  • teach parents about ways to bring up their children.
  • provide families with ways to earn a living and provide for themselves.
  • mobilise local churches to teach about child protection and lead the way in creating societies where children can flourish.

How we do it:

BCT believes in the Church.

Churches and Christian groups are often motivated by faith to care for the neediest in society. They also have the regard and respect of their local communities and the potential to influence societal beliefs, attitudes and practices for good. This makes them ideal agents to care for orphans and marginalised children. BCT mobilises churches for this vital work. We support churches by equipping them with guidance, advice, training, information resources and finance, so that they are able to maintain, develop and multiply the impact of their work and to better achieve their vision for restoring children’s lives.

The training we offer our partners may cover a range of topics related to project management and development or to the care and protection of children. The approach is always participatory and ‘training of trainers,’ so that knowledge and understanding can be shared with others and the impact increased.

Download our full Vision & Mission document.