DR Congo

Half of DR Congo’s population live on less than $1 per day.

Education is beyond the reach of most children. Child abuse is a major issue, compounded by a widespread cultural belief that children can become ‘witches’ who are responsible for misfortune in a family. In the capital city of Kinshasa alone, tens of thousands of children have been thrown out of their homes onto the streets as they are perceived to be ‘witches’.

Woman outside her shack in Kinshasa

Woman outside her shack in Kinshasa

BCT partners with two projects in this massive country. EPED, based in the capital, Kinshasa, works with street children to provide food and medical care for them and ultimately to reunite them with their families. LVLE supports marginalised children and campaigns for children’s rights in Goma, in the east of the DRC.

EPED: Combating ignorance

In Kinshasa, and Basankusu in Equateur province, Equipe Pastorale auprès des Enfants en Détresse – Pastoral Team for Children in Distress or EPED – is mobilising teams of church volunteers to visit vulnerable children living on the streets, in prison and in homes where there are families in crisis. They’re running a refuge for girls accused of being ‘witches’ and providing business loans and training to impoverished families. [Read more]

LVLE: Championing children’s rights

LVLE supports marginalised children in Goma, an area of DR Congo where deprivation of all sorts is rife. The team encourages schools and churches to draw up and implement child protection policies, and equips them to tackle child abuse in their communities. LVLE also offers direct help to street-living children in Goma, through consistent and sustained support and relationships. [Read more]