Combating ignorance, changing attitudes

Through EPED, God is transforming the lives of vulnerable children

In Kinshasa and other provinces, Equipe Pastorale auprès des Enfants en Détresse (Pastoral Team for Children in Distress) is mobilising teams of church volunteers to care for the most marginalised children in a troubled nation. These teams reach out to children living on the street, providing medical care, practical support and counselling – and work hard to reunite them with their families or find alternative loving homes for them. To make this possible, EPED recruits and trains foster parents to take in children from the streets. 12 children have been placed in such families so far, and more will be homed soon.

Practical projects such as a street boys’ football team and a street girls’ dance troupe are providing these youngsters with a sense of belonging and fresh hope. And EPED’s micro-credit loans enable street-living young people to develop a regular income, through cleaning shoes or selling small items, for example.

Central to EPED’s work is changing harmful attitudes prevalent in Congolese society which fuel the mistreatment and abuse of children. EPED runs regular training sessions on children’s rights and child protection for community organisations in Kinshasa. Alongside this, EPED is heavily involved in the Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition (SCWA). Many of the children it supports have been accused of being ‘child witches’ and seriously abused as a result.

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Your donation can change lives in DR Congo. £5 will provide a toiletries pack for a child prisoner. £20 will improve a street-living teenager’s future by helping him develop a small business. Please give now.