Championing children’s rights

LVLE is reaching out to Goma’s street-living children

Rev Jean-Paul Aruna has been a good friend of BCT for a number of years. He and his team at Laissez Vivre Les Enfants (Let Children Live) do some extraordinary work in supporting marginalised children, in Goma, an area of DR Congo where extreme poverty and deprivation of all sorts are rife. We’re so excited to partner with them and help them to take this work to the next level. We support, resource and train LVLE as they tackle abuse in schools and communities by championing God’s heart for children, child protection and children’s rights.

LVLE is engaged with 30 schools and 35 churches, empowering them to create environments where children can thrive. The team trains leaders in child protection and children’s rights, and helps them draw up and implement child protection policies and set up discussion groups to support children and parents.

The training has had a huge impact on church leaders, in particular. As Jean-Paul explains: ‘Most of them had never had this kind of teaching and were hungry for it. “If only we could have been trained before now,” they said. “We could have prevented so much abuse.”’

Already, five pastors have shared all they have learnt across their church networks. Ten have formed a committee to report problems and share needs. And many others are creating child protection policies for their churches.

LVLE are also beginning to develop work with street-living children in Goma, starting by befriending 30 children and providing consistent and sustained support and relationship with them. Their aim is to get the children off the streets and back into families.

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