APRECOM is committed to supporting people living with HIV and AIDS.

Inshuti Nziza clubs offer hope to children affected by HIV

APRECOM staff and volunteers coordinate weekly support groups for parents, and home-based care and counselling for people in need. APRECOM’s Inshuti Nziza¬†clubs cater to the unique needs¬†of children affected by HIV/AIDS; combining fun, faith and counselling to enable children to face the future with hope. 100 children regularly attend the club in Gatsata alone.

Young people¬†over 15 are invited to join the Inshuti Nziza Troop who, despite being deeply affected by HIV, volunteer at support groups for adults¬†with HIV¬†and visit the sick in hospital. Quarterly seminars help strengthen teenagers’ faith and friendships, and¬†teach them important life skills.

APRECOM runs parenting workshops and teaches job skills such as tailoring, giving young people the chance of a career. For the poorest families, it also provides practical support such as food and school fees, but its focus is on helping families become self-sufficient, through methods such as income development projects.

Alongside this, APRECOM is committed to mobilising local churches to be proactive in responding to HIV and to ensure that children in their communities are enabled to thrive.

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£8 will pay for a teenager to attend an Inshuti Nziza discipleship and life skills seminar.
£25 will purchase seeds and cuttings for sustainable gardening and agriculture projects.
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