Changing the lives of disabled children

According to the WHO, 15% of the world population Рover 1 billion people Рhave some form of disability. For the millions of these who live in developing countries, stigma and lack of resources often mean isolation, unnecessary suffering and lack of opportunities. Only 5% of disabled children in developing nations have access to support services. BCT is committed to mobilising a Christian response to children living with disability.

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Ezra is just one of the hundreds of children Wukwashi has helped.

The Wukwashi team ‚Äď Joyce, her husband Henry and their many volunteers ‚Äď have made it their mission to change attitudes towards disability, challenging stigma and providing disabled children with access to medical care, education and support groups. They aim to inspire the whole community to help children reach their potential.

Wukwashi now runs twelve support groups across the Copperbelt, as well as enabling four more groups in other areas. At these support groups, children receive physiotherapy and play therapy, and their parents gain advice and all-important support. The team also provide mobility aids and prosthetic limbs, and help children who need it get support from doctors.

Wukwashi runs a school for about 20 children with more severe disabilities who have not been able to find places in local schools, and helps other children enrol in the schools which best fit their needs.


In a country like Zambia, your money can go a long way:
£11 will pay for a physiotherapist to treat children at a support group.
£60 will help Wukwashi to distribute mobility aids to children in their homes. Your donation can make a difference today.