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Transforming families in Rwanda

‘Here in our community, we have become individualistic in our childcare,’ claims Pastor George. ‘Before, the whole community would take responsibility for raising children. But now, we only care for our own children and ignore those of other people.’

Odeth and Emma of APRECOM are leading a good parenting workshop for parents in Bukora. They are using a combination of group discussions and role plays, to help the parents understand God’s pattern for family and make practical changes in how they relate to their children.

The discussion which follows Pastor George’s comment is animated. It’s obvious that the parents have an almost endless capacity for debate, and have strong views on why the community is not as proactive in caring for its children as it once was.

‘It’s because of the numbers of refugees who have flooded into this area,’ says one man. ‘We no longer have the close-knit sense of community we used to have. We would be afraid of interacting with a child we do not know.’

This is typical of the issues that APRECOM’s parenting training is seeking to address. Gradually, things are changing. Parents testify that they are now listening to their children and no longer beating them if they do something wrong. They are starting to build loving relationships with their children and to encourage them to attend the APRECOM children’s group.

In the coming year, Odeth plans to get parents from this group to help start parenting groups in other areas in Bukora, and to share their experience. ‘We have only just started’, Odeth smiles.

APRECOM is doing some extraordinary work in supporting marginalised children and families – especially those affected by HIV. Find out more here.


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800,000 Congolese children displaced

It’s hardly in the news, but the on-going violence in DR Congo is having a devastating effect. UNICEF reports that 1.3 million people have been displaced by the violence in Tanganyika and South Kivu alone. 800,000 of these people are children.

Displacement from their homes has left the children vulnerable to sickness and malnutrition, not to mention sexual abuse and recruitment into militias.

Please join us in praying for all the children caught up in DRC’s violence. Pray that the unrest will quickly end and that this generation of children will be able to recover from the traumas they have experienced. Please also pray for our partners in Kinshasa and Goma, where the situation is not as extreme but still very tense.


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‘From dust you came and to dust you shall return.’ Lent reminds us that we are human: frail, flawed and fallible. It is a time for examining ourselves; a time not to point out the flaws in others but to acknowledge our own weaknesses and to seek to remedy them, by the grace of God. It’s a time for some soul-searching.

With corruption and sexual misconduct coming to light in charities, in politics and in the entertainment industry, the covers are being lifted to reveal the fallenness beneath the surface of our society. We grieve that vulnerable people have been harmed. But we will not simply point the finger at other people. These revelations are a prompt to examine our own hearts, minds and processes, so that we can operate with even greater transparency and accountability.

The Bible urges us to ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ (Romans 12:2). The heart of BCT’s work is to enable minds and hearts to be transformed so that, ultimately, whole societies will be brought into line with God’s way of thinking. And we realise this starts with us. So we insist on transparent working relationships and rigorous accountability structures – within our UK-based team and in our partnerships with our overseas projects.

We believe passionately in what we do. We believe we are called by God to help restore the lives of some of the world’s most marginalised children, and to ‘hold up the arms’ of local believers who are seeking to do that, and we will persevere in that calling. We will remain faithful to the task God has charged us with. We have seen countless lives changed because of it.

Lent is also a time for reflecting on the good things God has given us. And we are reminded of just how many people stand with us by continually praying for us, encouraging us and giving towards our work. We are so grateful to God for those people. If you are one of them, please know that we will do everything within our power to operate in a way you can be proud of.


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Good news from Zambia!

Last week, we heard from Joyce at Wukwashi, who told us that the cholera outbreak in Zambia is now under control. As a result, Wukwashi has been able to reopen their school and reconvene their support groups.

This is terrific news and a big answer to prayer. Praise God for intervening and preventing a massive loss of life. Thank you all for keeping Wukwashi and Zambia in your prayers.

If you’d like to know more about Wukwashi’s phenomenal work with disabled children, click here.


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Witchcraft-related abuse in the news

More and more cases of witchcraft-related abuse are being reported in high-profile news outlets. Just this week, another case has been picked up by the BBC: a Dutch-Moroccan woman burning her son’s hands and stuffing his ears with cotton wool. With the increasing number of reports of abuse of this kind, we’re seeing a growing realisation in the west of just how endemic witchcraft-related abuse is.

The vast majority of these cases of abuse centre on a child who has been accused of witchcraft and then subjected to horrendous treatment in an attempt to exorcise him/her. Perhaps the most truly heart-breaking aspect of these stories is that the adult perpetrator so often sincerely believes they are acting in the child’s best interests; to free them from a demonic influence.

We’re delighted to be part of the Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition, and a key strand of this work is training: equipping church leaders to address false and harmful beliefs among members of their communities. Slowly but surely, we are seeing attitudes towards children change as a result.

Click here to find out more about child witch accusations and how SCWA is making a difference.


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Pray for Zambia

We have been contacted by Joyce Mutembu of Wukwashi, to ask us to pray for Zambia, which is currently experiencing a cholera outbreak. 50 people in Lusaka have died and schools across the nation have been closed until further notice, including Wukwashi’s own school.

Please join us in praying for Zambia. Joyce asks that we pray for an end to the cholera and also pray for the children who attend Wukwashi’s school and their families. The school gives the parents a much-needed break from the demands of caring for their disabled children, and enables them to work. Pray that each child will be well cared for, especially while the school is closed, and that God will give their parents the strength they need to care for them. Pray also that God will meet the economic needs of the families so that the children are not left home alone and neglected.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer. Please click here if you’d like to pray for other areas of BCT’s work.


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5 reasons why 2018 is going to be brilliant!

January can be a gloomy time of year. The days are short, dark and cold, a lot of us are feeling sluggish and short of cash after our seasonal indulgence, and there’s no shortage of reasons to be miserable in the news. But there are also reasons to be excited, if you look in the right places. BCT are looking forward to a brilliant year. Here’s why:

  1. Things are changing – Last year, UNAIDS announced that HIV infections amongst children have halved since 2010. 2016 saw 0.3 million fewer HIV infections than 2015. And infant mortality in DR Congo has halved since 1990. Until recently, these problems looked insurmountable, but there’s been massive progress. We’ve striven for years as part of SCWA to raise the profile of child witch accusations and to bring an end to the abuse related to the issue. And we’re now beginning to see dramatic changes in attitudes amongst the communities we’re engaging. Child witch accusations might seem as intractable as HIV or child mortality but, as with those other problems, the tide is turning.
  2. Our supporters are fantastic – We never cease to be amazed by the dedication, determination and creativity of BCT’s supporters. From the band of heroes who completed the Walk for Wukwashi to Maureen, who raises vital funds for us by making and selling cards, we have some incredible people behind us. We’re so thankful for their efforts and with this kind of support, 2018 is sure to be a great year for BCT.
  3. New projects, greater impact – It’s so exciting to see our first Transformation Resources nearing their launch. ‘The Heart of the Matter’ is going through its final edits and ‘Transform Disability’ is being piloted by our friends in Zambia, Uganda and Malawi. These resources have the potential to transform harmful beliefs about witchcraft and common negative attitudes towards children with disabilities. The impact could be huge.
  4. Existing projects growing – New projects are always exciting, but we’re also delighted by how our existing project partners are growing and developing. LVLE, our newest partner, is reaching out to street-living children in Goma, and learning from other organisations who are more experienced in this kind of work. APRECOM is becoming more involved in a school for disabled children, which adds an entire new dimension to their work. And we’re helping Wukwashi to develop relationships with new potential collaborators. So the future is bright for our partners, whether they’ve been with us for a year or for 15 years.
  5. God is faithful – Time and time again throughout BCT’s history, we’ve been reminded that our God is good, gracious and faithful. We’ve seen his provision, guidance and inspiration in even the hardest times in our journey and, as we begin 2018, we know we’re walking with the God who can do ‘immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20).

It’s going to be a great year. Come with us for the ride! Please join us in praying for our partners and the children they serve so diligently. And why not consider becoming a BCT Champion?

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For Joel’s sake

Joel’s story shows the extent of the need for good quality training resources

Joel’s childhood ended when his father died of a heart condition and his elder brother was killed in a car accident.

A local ‘prophetess’ branded him a witch and the reason for his family’s woes. She held him captive for three months and subjected him to elaborate deliverance rituals, including shaving his head, starving him and dripping hot wax on his head. Joel fled on to the streets.

When Joel eventually met EPED, they invited him to join their football team. Through EPED, he was introduced to a third-division team, who took him on. One of his coaches is teaching him to read and write, and EPED is giving him spiritual mentoring. Crucially, he’s now reunited with his family whom he visits each weekend. ‘He’s found joy and peace again,’ says EPED’s Pastor Ngolo.

Joel’s story is a vivid illustration of why BCT’s Transformation Resources are so important. Through this new programme, we aim to offer free, practical, culturally relevant, Bible-based materials which can be used effectively by anyone with some training experience. Transformation Resources could bring lasting change in communities all over the world.

Check out the latest edition of Bethany magazine for more news on this exciting projects.

And please consider investing in the Transformation Resources project. By doing that, you can play a part in changing people’s hearts and minds, so they can transform their communities.


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Disability Day

December 3rd marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, as proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1992. This is a day to promote the rights and well-being of people living with disabilities. For BCT, it’s also a good reason to shout about the amazing work our partners are doing to help disabled children fulfil their potential.

In particular, Wukwashi in Zambia are supporting hundreds of children with disabilities and their families. Here’s a fantastic example. Jade was left unable to walk after a severe bout of malaria. Thanks to the physiotherapy, encouragement and orthopaedic shoes provided by Wukashi, Jade can now walk unaided. This clip shows the moment she took her first independent steps in over a year!


To find out more about Wukwashi’s incredible work with disabled children, click here.


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Trustees’ Week

13-17 November is Trustees’ Week – a chance to honour our Trustees and celebrate what they do. BCT’s Trustees work tirelessly to lead our development and keep our vision front and centre of our work. But the great majority of what they do is behind the scenes. It’s time to showcase the vital contribution they make.

Andrew Forsyth is BCT’s Chair of Trustees

Andrew Forsyth is our Chair of Trustees. He explains what the role involves and why he does it:

‘Being a Trustee is a big responsibility. We’re the people who help set BCT’s direction and goals, who make sure we operate according to best practice and fulfil our legal obligations. We try to ensure BCT is wise in how it operates, but at the same time stays faithful to God’s calling, which can sometimes lead to a balancing act. It is a varied role, too, with quarterly meetings, reports to read, governance issues to keep on top of and also attending supporter and fundraising events.

‘So why do it do it? Mainly because I really believe in what BCT does. It’s so important to reach the world’s marginalised children and I’m really glad to be able to contribute to an organisation that’s doing that. I think our approach in empowering local projects to meet the needs of children in their communities is excellent. And it works. We’ve seen so many lives and communities transformed in the name of Jesus. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.’

Our Trustees play a crucial role in ensuring BCT is effective in its work, by supporting our excellent staff team. We’re recruiting for new Trustees, too. Could you help BCT to grow and achieve its vision? Click here to find out more.


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