Mobilising a Christian response to children living with disability

Estimates suggest that there are at least 93 million children with disabilities in the world. Up to 80% of these live in developing countries.

The majority of disabled children in these countries do not go to school and only half of those who begin school complete their primary education. Stigma and lack of resources mean that many disabled children lead unnecessarily isolated lives.

Too often children with disabilities are limited by lack of appropriate support – and by people’s unhelpful perceptions. But BCT’s partner Wukwashi Wa Nzambi in Zambia is bringing life and dignity back to these children – and their work is being replicated in many communities.

Wukwashi works with local churches across the Copperbelt region (with a presence in Zambezi-northwest), raising awareness of the needs and rights of disabled people. And Wukwashi’s support groups, physiotherapy and sourcing of mobility aids make a tangible difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Wukwashi is seeing disabled children becoming stronger, more confident and increasingly independent.

APRECOM, our partner in Rwanda, is also engaging more and more with children with disabilities. The team regularly visit several families with disabled children, and are setting up support groups to extend this initiative. APRECOM also works closely with a specialist school for children with disabilities, enhancing the school’s valuable work and enabling more children to reach their God-given potential.