Good Friends

APRECOM coordinates a network of support groups for children affected by HIV and AIDS. These clubs are called ‘Inshuti Nziza’, which means ‘good friends’. At these clubs, children enjoy friendship, share one another’s burdens and learn more about God’s love for them and his plan for their lives. These clubs bring life and hope to children who have known stigma and suffering.

Odeth, APRECOM’s Team Leader tells us: ‘Now, the kids are happy, clean, respectful and confident. We’ve heard that they are now participating in their churches. These kids are creative and participate in Sunday School.’

The older Inshuti Nziza youth have formed a ‘troop’ that volunteers at the support groups of adults affected by HIV and AIDS. They also visit adults in hospital, and plan to help construct homes for families in need. Rather than focusing on the problems HIV has brought to their own lives, they want to pass on the blessings they have received from APRECOM.

Teaching these young people skills for living is essential, as many have lost their parents or may be the main caregivers in their families. APRECOM holds 3-day residential ‘life-skills’ seminars for them, where they discuss issues as a group, plan for the future and are free to share their struggles.

How your money will be used

Your donation will go towards the running of vital clubs and seminars for young people affected by HIV.