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30,000 children

In Kinshasa, the capital city of DR Congo, there are around 30,000 street children. EPED social workers build relationships with these children, provide counselling, support and medical care. Up to 300 street-living children per quarter receive simple medical treatment from EPED’s workers, with more than 150 receiving counselling.

EPED helps vulnerable children and young people to find hope and access any specialised services they need.

Ultimately, EPED longs to see children off the streets and in loving homes. Sometimes it is possible to reconcile children to their biological parents. In other cases, the team find and train foster parents for children wanting to leave the streets. 15 foster homes are currently housing former street-living children.

It’s been wonderful to see how EPED has grown during our ten-year partnership. At this stage, they are becoming more independent and self-sustaining, and building strong working relationships with other agencies. We’re delighted to see how far the team have come!

How your money will be used

Every penny you donate will go to support EPED’s work amongst children living on the streets, those in conflict with the law, and other abused and neglected children in the DRC.