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Stop Child Witch Accusations (SCWA) is taking a stand against the appalling abuse of children falsely accused of being witches.

Delegates at the pilot event for the Heart of the Matter in Goma

The world is gradually becoming aware of how widespread this practice is, especially in areas where ignorance and harmful beliefs have taken root. Children who are targeted by accusations of witchcraft can suffer rejection, violence, even death. And stories of children subjected to this kind of treatment are featuring in the media more and more.

SCWA, of which BCT is a founder member, is a coalition of organisations and individuals who are committed to raising awareness of this abuse and bringing it to an end.

One of SCWA’s key focuses is working with pastors, as well as other community leaders. While many churches are champions of children and their rights, some are perpetuating the problem, due to lack of proper theological training or accountability.

SCWA is also developing a training resource for church leaders. ‘The Heart of the Matter’ has been piloted very successfully in Togo and DR Congo, and the completed resource is now in the hands of several organisations who have already engaged with the issue, ahead of the official launch of ‘The Heart of the Matter’, later this year.

How your donation will be used

Your gift will be used to mobilise, train and resource churches and leaders to address beliefs that harm children and to help them to create communities where children can grow up free from violence and abuse.