Give to Wukwashi

Wukwashi Wa Nzambi is committed to seeing all children living full lives.

Wukwashi, BCT’s Zambian partner, works tirelessly to serve disabled children and strip away the barriers standing between them and their full potential. It is all too common for disabled children in developing countries to be isolated, neglected and written off as useless because of stigma, ignorance and misguided beliefs. This is a real problem in Zambia. Most children living with disabilities do not attend school and many rarely leave their own homes. Wukwashi’s staff strive to convey that children with additional needs are just as valuable and significant as any others.

Enoch and Polly are both flourishing thanks to a Wukwashi support group.

Enoch can now stand, talk, play and pray. Cerebral palsy threatened to rob him of his future: now he and his family have hope. Everything changed when his main carer, Granny Polly, joined a new Wukwashi support group for people caring for children with disabilities. Wukwashi has shown Polly and Enoch love and support and shared practical advice to help Enoch build his strength and mobility. Now Polly wants to reach out to other families as a Wukwashi volunteer… to share with them the love she’s received.

Wukwashi helps children with additional needs in a variety of ways. The team provide help in getting into the most suitable schools and also teach simple life skills, so children living with disabilities can contribute to their home life and society more generally. Wukwashi volunteers also run weekly support and physiotherapy groups where children with disabilities can play, make friends and receive the therapy they need to enhance their abilities. These groups also provide the children’s parents and guardians with vital support.


How your money will be used

Your donation will help to grow and develop the wonderful work of Wukwashi amongst children living with disability.