‘From dust you came and to dust you shall return.’ Lent reminds us that we are human: frail, flawed and fallible. It is a time for examining ourselves; a time not to point out the flaws in others but to acknowledge our own weaknesses and to seek to remedy them, by the grace of God. It’s a time for some soul-searching.

With corruption and sexual misconduct coming to light in charities, in politics and in the entertainment industry, the covers are being lifted to reveal the fallenness beneath the surface of our society. We grieve that vulnerable people have been harmed. But we will not simply point the finger at other people. These revelations are a prompt to examine our own hearts, minds and processes, so that we can operate with even greater transparency and accountability.

The Bible urges us to ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ (Romans 12:2). The heart of BCT’s work is to enable minds and hearts to be transformed so that, ultimately, whole societies will be brought into line with God’s way of thinking. And we realise this starts with us. So we insist on transparent working relationships and rigorous accountability structures – within our UK-based team and in our partnerships with our overseas projects.

We believe passionately in what we do. We believe we are called by God to help restore the lives of some of the world’s most marginalised children, and to ‘hold up the arms’ of local believers who are seeking to do that, and we will persevere in that calling. We will remain faithful to the task God has charged us with. We have seen countless lives changed because of it.

Lent is also a time for reflecting on the good things God has given us. And we are reminded of just how many people stand with us by continually praying for us, encouraging us and giving towards our work. We are so grateful to God for those people. If you are one of them, please know that we will do everything within our power to operate in a way you can be proud of.


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