Extreme Poverty

Unless something is done, 167 million children will live in extreme poverty by 2030.*

APRECOM is helping Marina and Lana find a way out of poverty

The Bethany Children’s Trust works with partner projects to meet vital needs for children and families, such as education, nutrition, household income, good parenting and healthcare. As well as meeting urgent needs, families and communities are helped to develop longer-term initiatives that will enable them to move out of poverty and develop stability for the future. We refuse to accept the idea of 167 million children living in extreme poverty. We are committed to making changes now to prevent that kind of future.

Marina’s husband abandoned her, leaving her heart-broken, destitute and pregnant. She survived by hiring out the hair clippers that her husband left behind him, bringing in the equivalent of ÂŁ1 a week. This was scarcely enough for Marina to feed herself, let alone a hungry baby. But APRECOM is helping Marina out of poverty. The team is meeting her immediate needs for food and has also offered her a place at their sewing school, enabling her to learn skills to make a living. And of course, Marina has found eternal hope through the gospel message APRECOM has shared with her.

(* Source: State of the World’s Children, 2017: UNICEF)