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See the Child Before the Disability

What do you see first?

BCT welcomes UNICEF’s newly released ‘State of the World’s Children’ report, ‘Children with Disabilities,’ that exhorts us to ‘See the child before the disability.’

Children with disabilities and their communities both benefit if society focuses on what those children can achieve, rather than what they cannot. This is definitely the experience of Wukwashi Wa Nzambi, BCT’s partner in Zambia that has seen the lives of the children, their families and local communities enriched as they help the children to develop their abilities through therapy groups, family support and helping the children to access education.

Boy rolling out pastry for samosa's at the Wukwashi School

Boy rolling out pastry

The children in the photo are learning how to make samosas in Wukwashi’s school. They are a joy to teach, being hungry not only for the spicy foods they are making but also to learn new skills!


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