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The Long Haul

In our hectic busyness, we love a quick fix, an easy solution, a simple panacea. But most problems in this world are not so easily resolved. It rarely works to throw money at a problem and then drive off into the sunset.

That’s because most of the problems that afflict the poorest countries in the world are deep-rooted. And most of the issues that face the families we work with are complex, sometimes generational. Solving these issues requires patience, commitment, love and sacrifice. And lots and lots of time.

That’s why all our partners are dedicated to helping people in the long term, to developing deep, committed relationships to help them pull through. And we at BCT make the same commitment to our partner projects.

Sometimes it takes decades.

Sally on right smiling, with other children


 It’s almost 20 years since Sally watched her father being cut to pieces. At the time, 1994, Rwanda was gripped by civil war which pitted Hutus against Tutsis and claimed 1 million lives in about 100 days. Sally was just three at the time.

Her mother hid Sally in a cupboard and told her, ‘Don’t die.’ She nearly suffocated – and only emerged when her father’s murderers were long gone. Her mother could not speak for a long time.

For years, Sally refused to accept that anyone could love her, that God exists. She saw her mother being healed, by God and by the loving, ongoing support of our partner, Aprecom. Today, her mother works for Aprecom, supporting families and young people affected by HIV.

But Sally had to find healing for herself. Aprecom helped pay for Sally’s schooling, then recently enrolled her in its Discipleship Training School.

The school offers her security in the form of practical things like food and accommodation – but it’s also helping her grow emotionally and spiritually, walking with her as she discovers her potential and her identity in Christ.

She’s 23 now. There’s a long journey ahead but she’s on the right path.

Lasting change and deep transformation always come at a cost to someone. Aprecom knows that and is willing to pay the price for the likes of Sally and her mum.

God knew that too when he sent his only son to be born into this world as a helpless baby – and to die brutally on a cross – so we could be restored to him. And he was willing to wait for us to turn back to him. That’s the amazing, humbling true meaning of Christmas.

Love is always wiling to pay the price. Whatever the cost and however long it takes.


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