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Time to say goodbye

‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… a time to plant and a time to uproot… a time to tear down and a time to build’ (Ecclesiastes 3:1-3)

My five-year-old son refuses to wear trousers. No matter what the weather, he’ll insist on wearing shorts. His favourite pair are a slightly garish plaid design in blue, yellow and green. So it was a sad day last week when it became clear those shorts just don’t fit him anymore. When I checked the label, I realised the shorts were meant for 2-3 year-olds. No wonder they didn’t fit a five-year-old! But he’s outgrown them. Some new shorts will need to be bought.

It can be hard to let go of something good – something you might even have loved. But sometimes, in order to grow, in order for something even better to be possible, we have to leave something good behind.

This has been our experience recently. This month, we said goodbye to PCM, with whom we had partnered for eight years. It was a very difficult decision to go our separate ways, because so much good has come from our partnership and because the PCM team are still very dear friends of ours. But BCT and PCM have both outgrown this partnership and there is not much more either organisation could do to strengthen the other. In order for both sides to grow, flourish and see God do even greater things, it is the right time to say goodbye.

We truly believe this could be not the end but a new beginning for PCM, and we pray that, in God’s grace, they will go from strength to strength and see the lives of countless children transformed. Already, PCM and the people of Pukusu are benefitting from the agricultural and fish-farming expertise of ACDI-VOCA, an organisation we were able to connect with PCM before the end of our partnership. This input could dramatically change the diet of Pukusu’s children.

I wonder whether anything good might be holding you back from something great. Is there anything which, even though it’s good in itself, is stopping you from growing and from pressing on into the plans God has for you? Might now be the time to say goodbye to it?


Our partnership with PCM is at an end, but we have five other partner projects, including LVLE, our newest partner. Click here to find out more.


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PCM is standing strong

Pukusu Children’s Ministries is standing strong and facing the future with confidence, thanks to you.

Our eight-year partnership with PCM is coming to an end because they’re now able to move forward independently, in God’s hands. We know they will go from strength to strength.

We’ve been privileged to help families in Pukusu learn to cherish and protect village children so that now, none of the many orphans and abandoned children there have to fend for themselves. We’ve also provided practical support in helping train and equip local families to grow more varied crops, tackling hunger through kitchen gardens and fish ponds.

Recently, we’ve connected the village with ACDI-VOCA, who will help them develop their fish farming and agricultural projects. And, as a parting gift, we’ve left them 15 sets of gardening tools to help families looking after orphans and vulnerable children to fight malnutrition. Thank you for enabling us and PCM to transform this village in remote DRC.

Click here to find out more about BCT’s other partner projects.

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World Weekend of Prayer

The 2017 World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk is coming on 3-4 June, with the theme ‘Teach us to pray’.

Our friends at Viva are asking individuals, families, small groups, Sunday schools and churches around the world to devote a weekend to praying for children and to equipping children to pray.

BCT is proud to be part of this movement, seeking to mobilise a million children to pray, so that lasting change might come, in the name of Jesus.

Take a look at the event website which has downloadable prayer resources for the weekend and the run-up to it. In particular, check out the recent webinars on how to get children praying.

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