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Overcome evil with good

‘Do not repay anyone evil for evil… If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone… Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’ (Romans 12:17-21)

Recent events have shown that evil is at work in our world. We saw it in Finsbury Park just last week and in the London Bridge attack earlier this month. We saw it in Manchester two short weeks before that. We see it in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. And we see it in DR Congo.

EPED persevere in serving street-living young people, despite the current dangers.

DR Congo has been experiencing unrest for months, now. Millions of people have been affected by politically-motivated violence, hundreds have died and, as ever, it’s the children who are suffering most. Life on the streets of Kinshasa is dangerous at the best of times but, with violence and threats of violence increasingly widespread, the city’s street-living children are more vulnerable than ever.

Evil is lurking in Kinshasa and when we’re faced with this kind of evil, our reflex can be to either run away or retaliate against those responsible. But our friends at EPED refuse to give way to fear and anger. Despite the curfews and uncertainty, they persevere in reaching out to children on the streets, offering them medical treatment, counselling and hope in the name of Jesus. EPED is overcoming evil with good.

What a powerful example to us. How might we show this kind of courage and steadfast, godly love? Let’s not be cowed by threats of evil. Let’s reach out to people who are suffering and need to know the love of God. Let’s overcome evil with good.


Find out more here about EPED’s valuable and courageous work.



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SCWA at the UN

SCWA has been invited to address a UN Witchcraft and Human Rights Experts workshop, due to take place in Geneva in September. Carolyn Gent (BCT’s Networking and Training Coordinator) and Pastor Abel Ngolo of EPED will represent SCWA at the event, and speak about how witchcraft is defined and SCWA’s work in tackling witchcraft accusations against children.

The workshop is being organised by the UN Independent Expert on albinism, Lancaster University, and the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network. Through it, the organisers hope to raise the profile of witchcraft-related abuse and propose specific action to address and prevent abuse of this kind. An event like this marks an important step towards bringing witchcraft accusations to the fore, extending practical help to individuals and agencies facing the issue, and bringing the issue into the UN Human Rights system.

It is hugely encouraging that witchcraft accusations and the child abuse linked to it have been noticed by such an influential body, and this workshop presents us with a wonderful opportunity to speak into the issue and highlight what the Church is doing to address it.

Please pray for Carolyn and Pastor Ngolo as they present SCWA’s work; that their message will be well received by the audience. And pray, above all, that lasting change will result from the workshop.

See more about SCWA’s work here.


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Last chance: World Weekend of Prayer

One last reminder: this weekend (3-4 June) sees the World Weekend of Prayer for children at risk. Our friends at Viva are aiming to inspire Christians all over the world to pray for children at risk, and even to mobilise a million children to pray for their peers. And it’s not too late to get involved.

We’re right behind this initiative because far too many children are at risk through violence, poverty, sickness, homelessness and lack of opportunity, because God loves it when children pray and, above all, because prayer makes a difference.

Please join us by getting our home group, your church or your children’s group praying, over the course of the weekend. The Viva website has a guide to the weekend, activity ideas, discussion outlines and informative webinars, all available for download. Click here to find all the resources you’ll need for the weekend.


And if you’d like to pray regularly for BCT, click here for our latest prayer requests or to download our Prayer Diary.


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