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Why we do what we do

BCT’s vision is to see the worldwide Church leading the way in building a local and global society where all children are loved, safe, nurtured and free to reach their God-given potential. Our purpose on the planet is to do all we can to help make this vision a reality.

We work with, and through, our partner projects to:

  • combat ignorance and cultural beliefs that leave children at risk of harm.
  • teach parents about ways to bring up their children.
  • provide families with ways to earn a living and provide for themselves.
  • mobilise local churches to model caring for vulnerable children; speaking up for them, giving them opportunities to actively participate in their communities, and leading the way in creating societies where children can flourish.

But why do we do that?

Because we won’t accept a world where children suffer. Multiple millions are abused, exploited or neglected because of ignorance, harmful societal conditions, stigmatising beliefs and human sin. We will work with every ounce of strength and insight God gives us to change the attitudes and issues that make children suffer.

Because God cares even more than we do. The Bible rings with his fathomless love for children, for the downtrodden and for the marginalised. If we are to be faithful in following Jesus, we must take care of the ones he loves.

Because we believe in the Church. The Church is God’s plan to reach, serve and restore the world. And when local churches mobilise their people, resources and God-given authority, beautiful things happen. Churches are ideally placed to bring change. We’ve seen many churches influence their communities to become environments where children can thrive. And we’re committed to enabling more of the same.

Because things are changing! We’re thrilled to see individual children thriving and communities beginning to realise how valuable their children are. It is such a privilege to play a small part in the divine work of transformation, and, with your help, we want to keep doing it. The Kingdom of God is coming. And we’re hugely grateful to you for joining with us to serve him.


Find out more here about how you can get involved in BCT’s work to help children thrive.


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Pray for Kenya

Well, perhaps it’s not surprising, but it’s disappointing, nonetheless. Following this month’s election, Kenya’s opposition are alleging electoral fraud and taking their case to the Supreme Court. There doesn’t seem a great deal of evidence for irregularities, but we’ll have to await the outcome of the case to see what comes to light.

What’s troubling about this is not the result of the election itself, or the alleged fraud. What’s troubling is that 28 people have already died in violence linked to the election, and a disputed vote in 2007 led to widespread unrest in Kenya. Nobody wants to see that kind of unrest repeated, especially given the horrifying situation in DR Congo at the moment, which was itself triggered by a political dispute.

Please join us in praying for Kenya:

  • Pray that the questions over the election result will be resolved quickly and fairly.
  • Pray, above all, that peace will prevail in what is usually a stable country, and that nobody else will be harmed through political violence.


For more prayer points from BCT and our partners, click here.


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International youth day

Members of the Inshuti Nziza Troop in Bukora

Today is International Youth Day – a celebration of the energy, skill and idealism of young people. So, it’s only right that we acknowledge the young people connected to our partner projects, who are showing these qualities by the barrel-load. APRECOM’s Inshuti Nziza Troop are worthy of special mention. The members of the Troop have all been affected by HIV/AIDS. But remarkably, they have risen above their own (significant) problems and are pouring their time, energy and skills into serving other people. On a recent visit to Bukora – a community largely populated by displaced people – the Troop planted trees, served at a children’s club, helped build a church and a house, and distributed food and water to patients at a hospital.

Never let it be said that young people only take and never give back. The Inshuti Nziza Troop are showing just how much young people have to offer. It makes you wonder what the young people we see every day could achieve, given the right support and encouragement.


Find out more about APRECOM here.



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