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For Joel’s sake

Joel’s story shows the extent of the need for good quality training resources

Joel’s childhood ended when his father died of a heart condition and his elder brother was killed in a car accident.

A local ‘prophetess’ branded him a witch and the reason for his family’s woes. She held him captive for three months and subjected him to elaborate deliverance rituals, including shaving his head, starving him and dripping hot wax on his head. Joel fled on to the streets.

When Joel eventually met EPED, they invited him to join their football team. Through EPED, he was introduced to a third-division team, who took him on. One of his coaches is teaching him to read and write, and EPED is giving him spiritual mentoring. Crucially, he’s now reunited with his family whom he visits each weekend. ‘He’s found joy and peace again,’ says EPED’s Pastor Ngolo.

Joel’s story is a vivid illustration of why BCT’s Transformation Resources are so important. Through this new programme, we aim to offer free, practical, culturally relevant, Bible-based materials which can be used effectively by anyone with some training experience. Transformation Resources could bring lasting change in communities all over the world.

Check out the latest edition of Bethany magazine for more news on this exciting projects.

And please consider investing in the Transformation Resources project. By doing that, you can play a part in changing people’s hearts and minds, so they can transform their communities.


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