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Meet Lyn

We’re delighted that Lyn Edwards has just joined BCT as our new Operations Manager.

Lyn qualified as a nurse and has experience of paediatric oncology and general nursing. She has been a childminder and a foster carer for disabled children and young people, and for the last 23 years she has been working for a charity based in Leicestershire, supporting disabled children and their families.

While in that role, Lyn authored, designed and delivered a disability awareness training programme for early years providers, and was responsible for an inclusion project that supported disabled children and young people to access play, sport and leisure activities.

Until she was 18, Lyn lived all over the world including Africa, the Far East and the Middle East. This time was foundational for her faith, her future career choices, her values and who she is as an individual. She describes herself as a gentle activist, passionate about the rights of all children and young people, especially those who are at risk and those marginalised by society.

Please pray for Lyn as she steps into her new role.

And you can find more items for prayer here.


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Excellent SCWA Forum

After months in the planning, it is good to report that the Stop Child Witch Accusations Coalition Forum in London earlier this month was a success, by God’s grace.

Delegates from ten different organisations joined members of the SCWA steering group for the event, which explored the delegates’ experiences of child witch accusations and what steps could be taken to address these accusations.

Those who attended said they understood the issue better as a result of the Forum, and felt better equipped to take positive action. They plan to:

‘Engage all programmes especially in Africa to isolate and respond to the issue.’

‘Look for creative ways to surface the issue in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way.’

‘Explore how my organisation can join the forum / networks and conversation in DRC.’

We’re looking forward to building relationships with everyone who joined us for the day and continuing the conversation. Let’s keep the momentum going, build from here and give thanks to God for a really good day!

Find out more here about how SCWA is taking action to address and prevent accusations of witchcraft against children.


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Hearts and minds

‘The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.’ (Proverbs 4:7)

Wisdom doesn’t just mean knowledge; it means understanding the world in a new way. It’s more than just a collection of ideas and information. It makes a difference to how we live. As we see God bringing his wisdom to communities, it challenges fear, prejudice and harmful cultural beliefs. Because of this, the ways in which those communities treat their children change, and the children’s lives are transformed. This is why we’ve made it a key element of our strategy to address attitudes and beliefs.

Last month, we saw a vivid example of this at a training workshop in Rwanda, facilitated by our Director, Susie, and organised by our local partner, APRECOM. The workshop focused on disability and the importance of including and empowering disabled people, within churches. The beginning of the two-day workshop felt like tough going, probably because most of the delegates had received no input on this issue before despite, in some cases, serving as church leaders for decades.

But during the course of the workshop, there was a dramatic transformation in the delegates’ attitudes. Midway through, one participant commented: ‘What have I been doing all this time? My ministry has been about having big crusades, when these are the ones who most need love and help.’

Another confessed: ‘I just want to repent of the way that I have neglected these children. From now on I will be their champion.’

The workshop ended with the delegates drawing up plans for practical action, setting dates that they will begin the activities and citing who will be involved. Several committed to going through their villages to identify homes where there are disabled children, and to build friendships with them and their parents.

We’re so grateful to God for touching hearts and minds so powerfully, and for the real difference he has made possible, through that. We pray for more of the same and, of course, we’re also open to receiving more wisdom from God, ourselves – we want our own hearts and minds to change too!

Find out more here about how we aim to change hearts and minds through our Transformation Resources.


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