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DR Congo still needs our prayers

Despite a widespread vaccination programme, the Ebola crisis in DR Congo is rumbling on.

According to The New Humanitarian, a ‘militarised’ response to the crisis has deepened hostility towards aid workers within local communities. Security forces are reportedly being heavy handed in enforcing measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including threatening violence when people refuse to take the prescribed precautionary steps.

This is exacerbating an already tense situation in which healthcare workers were treated warily by communities who largely didn’t trust them or understand what they were doing.

Please continue to pray with us for a swift, sensitive and effective response to this crisis. For as long as the Ebola epidemic continues, lives will be lost. Please pray especially for Patient (pictured), a team member at LVLE, who is taking part in an Ebola treatment and prevention programme 300km to the north of Goma.


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Standing in the Gap

‘Standing in the Gap’, the SCWA prayer campaign, is up and running again for the third consecutive year. The last two years of the campaign have offered really valuable opportunities for focused prayer around the issue of child witch accusations, and for the children affected. What’s more, we have seen clear progress in SCWA’s work and growth in its network since we started praying in this way. So, we believe it is not just wise but necessary to resume the ‘Standing in the Gap’ campaign.
Please join us in praying, especially between now and the end of January. And do forward the prayer bulletins to anyone in your church or community who might be interested. The first prayer bulletin of this year’s campaign can be found at and a new bulletin will be posted every two weeks.
Join us for four months of sustained prayer for children accused of witchcraft, their communities, and churches and agencies with opportunities to speak and act on the issue. The first prayer bulletin of the campaign is available now.
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