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dollar-1362244_1280Earlier this week, it was reported that just eight people control the same wealth as the half of the world’s population. Between them, these eight men are worth £350 billion, equivalent to the world’s poorest 3.6 billion people. The implications of this – the rampant inequality between the richest and the poorest – are appalling. It’s clear that the economic system is failing the poor and vulnerable. So what can be done about this? We suggest three positive steps:

  1. Model God’s love for the world’s poor. Speak and act in a way that demonstrates God’s mercy to those who most need it. And yes, this includes giving generously to causes which address the root issues behind poverty. If you want to give to BCT, fantastic. If you’d rather support Oxfam or other similar charities, that’s great too – they’re doing some extraordinary work. But please give to someone!
  2. Campaign for change. Urge your MP to support legislation which addresses poverty and to lobby for an increase in the UK’s overseas aid budget. Find out more about how you can do that, here.
  3. Pray. It might sound glib, but prayer changes things. Our God is good, He hears our prayers and He is loving enough and strong enough to change even the bleakest situations. Let’s pray together for an end to injustice and inequality.
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