A new partner!

Jean-Paul (L) and Paluku, one of his staff

Jean-Paul (L) and Paluku, one of his staff

We’re super excited to announce that we’re now partnering with Laissez Vivre Les Enfants (Let Children Live), based in Goma, DR Congo. Rev Jean-Paul Aruna, LVLE’s Director, has been a good friend of BCT for a number of years. He and his team do some extraordinary work in supporting marginalised children in Goma, where deprivation of all sorts is rife. We’re so excited to partner with them and help them to take this work to the next level. We will be supporting, resourcing and training LVLE as they tackle abuse in schools and communities by championing God’s heart for children, child protection and children’s rights.

Find out more about LVLE by clicking here.

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