A new resource to stop child witch accusations

We are almost ready to launch a new resource to help church leaders handle accusations of witchcraft against children. This is very exciting as the resource has the potential to transform how whole communities view and treat children. We are now seeing the resource piloted, to ensure it is easy for pastors to use and as effective as it could possibly be.

Participants at the Kasai pilot event

The first pilot took place last month in Kasai, DRC. That this pilot even happened is a minor miracle, given the extreme unrest in the region. But the participants not only attended the event; they gave it their full attention and responded enthusiastically to the teaching material. Several of the participants report that their attitudes towards children have changed dramatically as a result.

A second pilot is in progress right now, in Togo. Please join us in giving thanks for such an encouraging outcome in Kasai, and in praying that the Togo pilot will be just as productive. We will bring you more news on the SCWA resource soon.


In the meantime, click here to find out more about our work addressing accusations of witchcraft against children.


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