Stop Child Witch Accusations

Tens of thousands of children worldwide are falsely accused of witchcraft and, as a result, face untold abuse. BCT is working to spark a Christian response to child witch accusations.

‘The Heart of the Matter’ has been used to train church leaders in several countries, including Nigeria.

The media is sharing more and more examples of children being¬†labelled ‘witches’ and therefore¬†facing horrendous treatment. The extent of the problem is becoming impossible to ignore, and it is¬†wrecking the lives of countless children, all over the world.¬†That‚Äôs why BCT is a founder member of Stop Child Witch Accusations (SCWA), a coalition of organisations determined to¬†catalyse a¬†Christian response to child witch accusations¬†and bring¬†the phenomenon¬†to an end.

One of SCWA’s key focuses is educating the church about the practice of child witchcraft accusations and prompting congregations to get involved in tackling this issue. SCWA calls on the Church to lead the way in creating environments where children are safe and valued.

SCWA has also been able raise the profile of the issue at the highest level, taking part in a UN workshop on witchcraft-related abuse.

And the coalition is excited to have produced a vital resource on child witch accusations, to help church leaders address the issue in their communities. ‘The Heart of the Matter’ has now been used to train church leaders in several African nations, and it is no exaggeration to say that the participants attitudes towards children are being totally transformed. The resource will soon be available for download through the SCWA website.

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