Transformation Resources

Sharing what we have learned

BCT and our partners have spent 19 years on the front line, grappling with tough issues affecting children in extremely poor communities.

We have been painfully aware of the pressing need for suitable training materials to tackle the fears, prejudice and harmful cultural beliefs underlying these issues ‚Äď and the dearth of such resources to date. Now, we feel ready to share more widely the learning and expertise we‚Äôve gathered.

Transformation Resources offer free, practical, culturally relevant, Bible-based materials which can be used effectively by anyone with some training experience. Through these resources, we hope to see the work of our project partners replicated far and wide.


Transform Disability

In many areas of the world, children living with disabilities still face huge challenges. For instance, only 5-10% of children with disabilities in Africa are enrolled in school, because of the¬†lack of appropriate school facilities and the simple logistical problems of¬†making the journey¬†there. What’s more, it’s very common for disability to carry a stigma and for children with disabilities to be shunned and marginalised as a consequence.

‘Transform Disability’ exists to help challenge common misconceptions about disability,¬†to prompt churches into being welcoming and inclusive of people with disability and to encourage them to release adults and children with disabilities to fulfil their God-given roles and ministries as part of the body of Christ.¬†It does so through practical, biblical teaching, compiled and tested by people experienced in serving disabled children in the majority world.


Transform Families

Through ‘Transform Families’, we¬†aim to resource churches with practical, biblically-underpinned teaching to strengthen families in their communities. From our 19 years of working with marginalised children, we know that churches are uniquely placed to support families, reducing family breakdown and the tensions that lead to children being abused, accused and thrown out of home. There is a real lack of contextualised resources at this level, and we are excited to be meeting this need.


As a member organisation of the Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition, BCT is also deeply involved in creating ‘The Heart of the Matter’; a resource to help church leaders address accusations of witchcraft against children in their communities. ‘The Heart of the Matter’ is complete in English and French and is already in the hands of our partners and collaborators.¬†It will be formally launched and introduced to other agencies in the autumn, when it will also be made available through the SCWA website.

Your donation will help us test and refine the resource material, and translate it into local languages, so that the resources will be as effective as possible in meeting communities’ training needs.
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