Better Parenting

Across the world, millions of parents are doing the best they can to raise their children well.

But parenting is a challenging vocation, and parents need all the support they can get. BCT is convinced that promoting and teaching God’s pattern for parenting is key to raising children who are happy and resilient. It’s also essential for building healthy societies.

Many of our partner projects are running parenting workshops in local communities, as part of this commitment to parenting. At these workshops, parents learn vital skills: how to discipline children lovingly, how to communicate with children, how to deal with grief and trauma. They are also taught about ‘normal’ child development, the importance of play, children’s rights and child protection. Many are learning for the first time what loving their children really means.

Child protection training is a key strand of LVLE’s work.

APRECOM, our partner in Rwanda, runs regular good parenting seminars in several locations, reaching hundreds of people. Seminars cover subjects such as family planning and how to communicate positively with children. Those who attended have been very willing to share their experiences and are now not only putting into practice what they have learned, but passing this wisdom on to others.

Similarly, LVLE is seeing dramatic changes in the families in local communities, as a result of their parenting training. Parents are more patient and understanding of their children who, in turn, are happier, more confident and making clearer contributions to their families and churches.