Child Protection

Training churches in child protection

Countless children worldwide are at risk of significant harm through neglect, abuse, homelessness and preventable diseases.

Child protection training is a key component of LVLE’s work.

This is why BCT is committed to working towards the protection and security of as many children as possible. We fund training workshops about childcare and protection, children’s rights and the prevention of violence, for our partner projects. Our partners aim to enshrine child protection in whole communities: training church leaders, parents and community leaders, so that they can go on to train others.

For example, LVLE champions child protection in Goma, eastern DRC. The team is connected with churches and schools throughout the area, training leaders and equipping them to create environments where children are safe to flourish. LVLE has established on-going relationships with the leaders and pastors from these organisations, providing regular, modular training, and helping them put what they have learned into practice. Churches and schools alike are now creating child protection policies, appointing child protection officers and taking steps to encourage children to speak out about abuse.