Meeting the challenges of HIV and disability

The Inshuti Nziza Troop offers purpose and a sense of belonging to young people affected by HIV.

APRECOM is determined to change the lives of children affected by HIV or disability, in the name of Jesus.

The team’s work to support children affected by HIV includes coordinating a network of supportive, nurturing clubs for children. At these clubs, children find fun and friendship, share one another’s burdens and learn more about God’s love for them. The clubs bring life and hope to children who have known stigma and suffering.

The older Inshuti Nziza youth have formed a ‘troop’ that helps meet the practical needs of their community, rather than focusing on the problems HIV has brought to their own lives.

And APRECOM’s work with disabled children is growing and strengthening. The team visit families with disabled children, and are setting up support groups to extend this initiative. They also support a specialist school for children with disabilities, enhancing the school’s work, so that more children can begin to reach their God-given potential.

How your money will be used

Your donation will go towards the running of vital clubs and seminars for young people affected by HIV.