Give to Training

BCT’s partner projects are committed to mobilising churches and communities as agents of change on behalf of vulnerable children.

Our partners focus their training workshops on equipping church pastors, parents and other church members, to lead the way in tackling issues which affect the wellbeing of children in their communities. This training often concentrates on children’s rights and child protection, but can also address positive parenting, awareness of HIV/AIDS or disability, or harmful beliefs such as those underpinning ‘child witch’ accusations.

LVLE’s training in child protection is changing how churches and schools treat their children.

BCT’s partner projects also work with community leaders, school teachers and parents, aiming to change widespread attitudes and to equip these leaders to, in turn, train others.

LVLE, our partner in Goma, DR Congo has done extraordinary work in training local church and school leaders in children’s rights and child protection. In an environment where child abuse is endemic, churches and schools alike are now implementing child protection policies, taking reports of abuse seriously, and taking action against perpetrators.

How your money will be used

Your donation will go towards the cost of training workshops run by BCT’s project partners for parents, church leaders, community members, peer educators and volunteers so that they can be equipped and empowered to better care for children, protect them and address the issues that lead to their harm.