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Wukwashi Wa Nzambi is committed to seeing all children living full lives.

It is all too common for disabled children in¬†the global south¬†to be isolated, neglected and written off as useless because of stigma, ignorance and¬†misguided beliefs.¬†In Zambia in particular, most children living with disabilities do not attend school and many rarely leave their own homes. Wukwashi’s staff strive to¬†convey that children with additional needs are just as valuable and significant as any others.

Collins arrived at one of Wukwashi’s support groups having never walked before. He only made it to the support group at all because his dad carried him for 30 kilometres. The Wukwashi volunteers fitted Collins for a special set of supportive boots, which have enabled him to take a few steps. With practice, who knows how far he could get?

Wukwashi makes a tangible difference to disabled children, in all sorts of ways. At their weekly support and physiotherapy groups, children with disabilities can play, make friends, receive vital therapy, and even be assessed for mobility aids. These groups also provide the children’s parents and guardians with vital support. Wukwashi also helps disabled children to access education and learn simple life skills, so they can become more independent and make a contribution to their communities.


How your money will be used

Your donation will help to grow and develop the wonderful work of Wukwashi amongst children living with disability.