Street-living children in Goma, DR CongoRev Jean-Paul Aruna and his team at Laissez Vivre Les Enfants (Let Children Live) do extraordinary work in supporting marginalised children.

Goma, in eastern DR Congo, has widespread extreme poverty and deprivation of all sorts. So we’re excited to partner with LVLE, to support and resource them to take this work to the next level.

LVLE has trained numerous schools and churches on child protection and children’s rights, empowering them to create environments where children can thrive.

Attitudes towards children are being transformed. What’s more, LVLE regularly provides training on child witch accusations, which are rife in Goma, using SCWA’s ‘The Heart of the Matter’ resource. These events are making a huge impact on participants’ attitudes towards children, making churches and communities safer environments for children to grow up.

LVLE are strengthening their work with street-living children in Goma, befriending children and providing consistent and sustained support for those they get to know well. LVLE's handwashing stations - a response to COVID-19 - have been a huge success in limiting the spread of the virus and in fostering co-operation and mutual understanding between street-living children, local residents and civic authorities. The team are now expanding the initiative, installing handwashing facilities in other areas of Goma. They are also helping several children take steps towards leaving the streets and being reconciled with their families. 

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