Gideon’s army

‘The Lord said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men… I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands. Let all the others go home.”’ (Judges 7:7)

Gideon must have felt sick with fear. He’s on his way to fight an overwhelming Midianite force with an already tiny army and, apparently at God’s direction, he has to watch some of his most able fighters turn and head for home. Surely the only possible outcome is a messy and humiliating defeat?

At a Sleep Out for BCT event in Oundle, our friend Ian rightly pointed out that our own army is small and that the scale of the opposition can seem overwhelming. The issues we seek to challenge are huge: injustice, poverty, abuse of the most vulnerable, and deeply-ingrained false beliefs. But God does extraordinary things when even a few people have the courage to stand and fight. Because our friends at Oundle Baptist Church joined the battle by praying and taking action, more street-living children in Kinshasa will be reached, cared for and helped to discover a life away from the streets. Little by little, vulnerable children can be set free from the issues which hold them back and make them suffer, if we do not shrink from the battle.

Let’s fight on, knowing that God is with us and that even the most fearsome enemy can be defeated when we pray and when we act in line with God’s desire for justice. Like Gideon, we will discover that the battle belongs to the Lord.

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