Hearing God’s heart

BCT has served children with disabilities – and their families – for many years. But it was a powerful encounter with one individual boy which began all this. As we look back at BCT’s journey so far, here’s where our work with disabled children started:

A tiny boy who was no more than a bundle of rags opened my eyes to the neglect and stigma facing children living with disability – and to God’s blueprint for community, writes Susie.

Children at a displaced people’s camp in Uganda

I was walking through a huge tented ‘city’, home to some of the 1 million Ugandans who had fled the brutality of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Weaving along a track between tents, I saw a bundle of rags on the ground. As I drew nearer, I was shocked to realise it was a child, white with dust. The dust was in his eyes and his mouth. People were just stepping him over him.

I saw he was floppy and probably had cerebral palsy. As I knelt down to pick him up and cradle him, people approached and said, ‘Don’t touch him: he’s nobody.’

I was shocked. ‘How can you say that?’ This little boy had been created by God and he was precious. I call him Beloved and his memory has never left me.

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