International youth day

Members of the Inshuti Nziza Troop in Bukora

Today is International Youth Day – a celebration of the energy, skill and idealism of young people. So, it’s only right that we acknowledge the young people connected to our partner projects, who are showing these qualities by the barrel-load. APRECOM’s Inshuti Nziza Troop are worthy of special mention. The members of the Troop have all been affected by HIV/AIDS. But remarkably, they have risen above their own (significant) problems and are pouring their time, energy and skills into serving other people. On a recent visit to Bukora – a community largely populated by displaced people – the Troop planted trees, served at a children’s club, helped build a church and a house, and distributed food and water to patients at a hospital.

Never let it be said that young people only take and never give back. The Inshuti Nziza Troop are showing just how much young people have to offer. It makes you wonder what the young people we see every day could achieve, given the right support and encouragement.


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