How can I help?

Governments won’t bring about the change.

We will, as we respond to God’s call to be salt and light and agents of the Kingdom of God to establish his ways here on earth.

So how you can get involved in all that BCT is doing?

If you’d like to join a movement of people who are motivated by God’s heart to ‘infect’ communities with God’s grace, kindness, love and justice, and to ‘raise the poor from the ash heap’, and fulfil Isaiah 61 – then you’re in the right place!

Whatever your gifts and passions, and whatever time you have available – there’s a lot going on that you can get your teeth into. We’d love you to pray regularly with us, or to support us financially. You could even join the team as a volunteer, or do some fundraising.

And if you’ve already made up your mind that volunteering is the way to get involved, then you can fill in the form below – today – and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can:

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If you want to hear from BCT regularly, or you already support us and you want to change how and when we contact you, please take five minutes to fill in our contact preferences form.