20 for 20

To help BCT celebrate its 20th anniversary, why not hold a special fundraising event? There are all sorts of ways you could do this, but here are 20 ideas to get you started.

  1. Travel 20 miles – Walk, run, cycle, row or skateboard – the choice is yours! Get sponsored to do it.
  2. Swim 20k – Get a team together and swim lengths of the local swimming pool, as a relay. Again, get sponsored.
  3. Bake 20 cakes – Hold a bake sale after church on Sunday or a coffee-and-cakes morning on a Saturday. Have a little info about BCT on display and invite donations.
  4. Stay silent for 20 hours – Ideal for children and talkative adults!
  5. Dance to 20 songs – Hold a ceilidh. Book a band and a dance caller, invite everyone you know and have a fantastic evening. Raise a bit of cash for BCT while you’re at it.
  6. Go meat free for 20 days – Could be another sponsorship idea, or you could just save the money you would have spent on meat, and give that to BCT.
  7. Wash 20 cars – A great idea for youth groups in particular. If you charge £5 per car and wash 20 cars, you’ll raise £100 for us. Lovely!
  8. Cook for 20 friends – Hold a fundraising supper or breakfast. Give a five-minute presentation about BCT and encourage your guests to make a donation. You could even cook some authentic Congolese, Rwandan or Zambian cuisine, for a little taste of what life is like for our partners.
  9. Give away 20 items of clothing – Arrange a clothing swap shop, with everyone bringing a few items of clothing they no longer want and helping themselves to something new, in exchange for a donation to BCT. Serve drinks and nibbles.
  10. Make 20 promises – Find friends who are willing to pledge specific favours, and auction these promises. For example, a morning of gardening, an evening of babysitting or cooking a meal are always popular.
  11. Ask 20 questions – Hold a quiz night fundraiser. An old idea, but always a winner, especially if you lay on some simple food, too.
  12. Don’t shave for 20 days – For non-beardy blokes. Perhaps get a gang of you taking part and see who can grow the most impressive face fuzz over the 20 days.
  13. Go without make-up for 20 days – 20 days of the natural look. Reckon you can take it?
  14. Collect 20ps – Get your church’s children’s group involved. Give each of them a tube of Smarties and challenge them to fill it with 20p pieces (once they’ve eaten the sweets!).
  15. Stay out for 20 hours – Get sponsored to sleep out for BCT. Get an insight into what daily life is like for children living on the streets of Goma.
  16. Sing 20 songs – Have a karaoke night. It’s loads of fun, especially with a good crowd of people.
  17. Unplug for 20 days – Go without all electronic devices – phones, laptops, tablets and game consoles. A real challenge for the technophiles!
  18. Read 20 Bible books – How about a sponsored Bible reading? Read aloud, in shifts. We hear it takes around 18 hours to read the whole New Testament, reading at normal speed.
  19. Score 20 goals – A football marathon is bound to get the sporty types in your church excited. You’ll need a pitch, plenty of snacks and drinks, and volunteers to referee and treat minor injuries.
  20. Knit 20 jumpers – A sponsored knit? Well, why not?

If you’re planning a fundraising event, please get in touch and let us know what you’re up to. And check out our main fundraising page for some important info and advice.