Mobilising the Church

Allowing every child to flourish

The Bethany Children’s Trust is influencing and equipping God’s worldwide church to lead the way in building local and global societies where every child is able to reach their full potential. We are working together to see attitudes and harmful cultural practices changed, and to see parents equipped to care for their children, so those children will grow up in a loving, safe and nurturing environment.

Mobilising the church is key to unlocking change in so many communities where we work. The church’s social standing as a trusted and respected organisation makes it a natural partner.

Through our ‘Transform Disability’ resource, we’re seeking to equip the Church to serve disabled children.

Training is a key strand of Wukwashi‘s work, as they seek to raise awareness of issues affecting disabled children, and gently correct misguided beliefs. Gently, through its workshops in churches and communities, Wukwashi roots out fear and replaces it with love, expressed through practical and patient teaching, encouragement, physiotherapy and play.

Wukwashi has also been instrumental in the development of ‘Transform Disability’, BCT’s new resource to equip churches to serve children and adults with disabilities. We’re really excited by the potential this resource has to change how disabled people are treated, and the opportunities available to them.