Gabrielle’s story

Gabrielle was still a baby when her father died due to AIDS. Her mother nearly didn’t make it either. Gabrielle was so malnourished that if APRECOM hadn’t reached her in time, she would almost certainly have died too. APRECOM’s team brought food to Gabrielle’s mum, helping her to eat and encouraging her to take her medication, so she could care for her young child.

Gabrielle is now full of hope and confidence

Gabrielle is now full of hope and confidence

Today, Gabrielle has grown into a healthy eight-year-old who is ‘full of hope and confidence’, according to APRECOM’s project coordinator Odeth.

But Gabrielle’s future is just as important as her past. Gabrielle is now a member of APRECOM’s Inshuti Nziza Children’s Club, and in time she will be invited to become part of the Inshuti Nziza Troop and join them in serving her community.

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