New resources available now

Apr 16, 2021
Category: BCT News
The new resources, 'Sickness, Health & Healing' and 'Mental Health Matters' are now complete and available for download. Both resources are produced by The Stop Child Witch Accusations Coalition, to complement the existing 'Heart of the Matter' material, but they also work well as standalone training resources.
This new material is designed to equip church leaders to help their communities better understand issues around health and healing. This is especially important in contexts where sickness and death are often attributed to witchcraft and used as a basis for accusing a vulnerable community member of being a witch.
We are delighted that 'Sickness, Health & Healing' and 'Mental Health Matters' are now ready for launch, and excited about their potential to dramatically change how communities treat their most vulnerable people. There seems to be a buzz around these resources, as there is so little appropriate material already available - they meet a real and significant need.
'Sickness, Health and Healing' and 'Mental Health Matters' can now be downloaded here. All of our resources are absolutely free to download and use, once you have registered with us, but please tell us a little about how and with whom you plan to use the material.

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