Heart of the Matter training near Calabar, Nigeria

Mar 14, 2023
Category: BCT News


An amazing cohort of new pastor have begun training in Odukpani, a village outside Calabar, in The Heart of the Matter. It is running from 13th – 17th March 2023

Odukpani is a more rural area in Cross River State. Please pray for the team as they run the training and pray that the hearts, thinking and practice of the pastors will be transformed and for them to want to share what they have learned with others in their churches and communities. May this ultimately result in the end of Child Witch Accusations in Odukpani!

Please pray:

  1. The hearts will be changed and thinking realigned.
  2. That the pastors will be inspired to act as agents for change in their churches, communities and networks
  3. That the community in and around Odukpani will be profoundly impacted and that children will be loved and protected
  4. For a growing movement towards the end of child witch accusations
  5. That God will bless the training itself – that logistics will be smooth, all the participants will be ready and able to attend, and that everything will run smoothly
  6. Please also thank God for this wonderful team and seek God’s blessing for them personally.

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