The blank page
The year ahead of us is a blank page. What kind of story will you write?
Jan 13, 2022
Similar but different
There are lots of great charities who do similar work to BCT. But we're different. Here's how.
Oct 28, 2021
One more step
Not many people get excited about perseverance. That's a shame, because persevering can be the key to great things.
Sep 02, 2021
Words for the weary
There are a lot of weary people in the world. But just saying the right words at the right time can make a difference.
Jun 23, 2021
Among the ruins
If ever there was a time to lament, it's now. But even if we're grieving for what COVID has taken from us, we still have hope.
Mar 24, 2021
The gate of the year
As 2021 begins, we put our hands in the hand of God. It changes everything.
Jan 07, 2021
Ordinary saints
People often think of saints as miracle workers; superhuman and impossibly holy. But that's only part of the picture...
Oct 29, 2020
Holy joy
Let's face it: this year has been pretty awful. How can we be joyful at a time like this?
Sep 02, 2020
The God of tiny things
Jesus delights in the small and overlooked. Maybe it’s the tiny things we do that please God the most.
Jul 15, 2020

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