Pray for Kenya

Well, perhaps it’s not surprising, but it’s disappointing, nonetheless. Following this month’s election, Kenya’s opposition are alleging electoral fraud and taking their case to the Supreme Court. There doesn’t seem a great deal of evidence for irregularities, but we’ll have to await the outcome of the case to see what comes to light.

What’s troubling about this is not the result of the election itself, or the alleged fraud. What’s troubling is that 28 people have already died in violence linked to the election, and a disputed vote in 2007 led to widespread unrest in Kenya. Nobody wants to see that kind of unrest repeated, especially given the horrifying situation in DR Congo at the moment, which was itself triggered by a political dispute.

Please join us in praying for Kenya:

  • Pray that the questions over the election result will be resolved quickly and fairly.
  • Pray, above all, that peace will prevail in what is usually a stable country, and that nobody else will be harmed through political violence.


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