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What are these resources?

Distinctively Christian training resources addressing physical and mental health, designed to teach church and community leaders:

  • what the Bible says about sickness, health and healing;
  • wise ways to seek healing, should someone in the community become sick;
  • a solid understanding of common mental health problems;
  • how to support children and adults living with mental health problems, and how to change harmful attitudes towards these people.

These resources are created by BCT staff but produced by SCWA, because of the important and common link between health issues and accusations of witchcraft. More info on BCT's involvement with SCWA here.

Who are the resources for?

Sickness, Health and Healing and Mental Health Matters are aimed at groups of 15-30 church pastors, leaders and volunteers. They are particularly relevant in contexts where there is a strong fear of witchcraft and poor understanding of mental health. The training is contextualised for churches in rural, resource-poor areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, but could be adapted to suit other contexts. Both resources are available in English and French. Swahili coming soon.

How is the training structured?

Both resources can be used for standalone training, or in combination with each other or with The Heart of the Matter, SCWA’s other resource. Sickness, Health and Healing can be delivered over a day (or two half-days) and Mental Health Matters over two days (four half-days).

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