Susie’s Book

Resistance Fighter: God’s heart for the broken

Cover of Susie Howe's book

by Susie Howe (Inter Varsity Press)

Susie Howe (The Bethany Children’s Trust Director) mobilises others to fight injustice against the world’s poor: those with HIV, orphans, street children and persecuted ‘child witches’. We go on a sweeping journey from a mud hut in remote Zimbabwe, to the back streets of Manila in the Philippines, from the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo to war-torn northern Uganda. Meet some of the unsung heroes who bring life, hope and transformation to individuals and whole communities.

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“May galvanise a few more dormant ‘resistance fighters’ to take up the fight.” Rhidian Brook

“An inspirational read.” Sarah de Carvalho

“A brilliant, moving, deeply personal, faith-filled and passionate journey.” Patrick Dixon

“A book to challenge complacency.” Steve Fouch

“Stirring, gripping, challenging … warms your heart and makes you want to weep.” Simon Guillebaud

“Feel the hot African sun on your back and hear the shrill sound of children’s voices … Told with a rare blend of searing passion and realistic humility. Read if you dare.” Richard Littledale

“A fascinating read.” Julia Ogilvy

“A stirring celebration of faith in action.” Robi Sonderegger