Standing in the Gap

Last year, SCWA ran a prayer campaign for children accused of witchcraft, and the issues surrounding these accusations. We were¬†delighted with how our friends and prayer partners responded to the campaign and, since the needs of children accused of witchcraft are as acute as ever, SCWA have decided to¬†resume the prayer campaign this Autumn. So,¬†‘Standing in the Gap’¬†will run again from now until the end of January, with¬†new¬†prayer updates every two weeks.

The first prayer update for this season (and the eleventh of ‘Standing in the Gap’ as a whole) is now available here.

If you¬†joined us¬†for ‘Standing in the Gap’ last year, thank you!¬†We would love to have you with us on the campaign again. If you weren’t able to be part of ‘Standing in the Gap’ then, do join us now.¬†Let’s call out to God together to protect vulnerable children and change the deeply-ingrained beliefs which lead to their abuse.

Find out more about ‘Standing in the Gap’ and read the latest prayer update here.


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