Togo: Action on child witch accusations

As part of the Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition, BCT has a very exciting opportunity to be involved in an emerging project in Togo. In partnership with SCWA, our friends at Mission Enfant pour Christ International (MECI) are spearheading an initiative to mobilise churches across the country to address the issue, aiming to bring to an end accusations of witchcraft against children there. Already, with MECI’s leadership, a number of key church leaders and theologians have drawn together, and a series of focus groups have been conducted,  discussing the roots, realities and responses to witchcraft accusations against children. These focus groups will help underpin the next step: a round table action forum planned for Lomé at the end of this month.focus-group-poissongui-sept-2016

We truly believe this project could have a huge impact, but none of our efforts will be effective unless God equips us. So we would really value your prayers for the initiative.

The action forum could be instrumental in counteracting the phenomenon of accusations of witchcraft against children within Togo, but a number of factors could prevent that. Firstly, the recent focus groups have revealed just how deeply ingrained belief in witchcraft is, within Togolese society. A good proportion of the delegates to the action forum may believe very firmly that children can be and often are witches. Please pray that, as they hear a biblical perspective on the issue, the delegates will welcome the message and commit to acting on it, rather than simply dismissing what the speakers have to say.

Secondly and perhaps most importantly, we’re very aware that the issue of witchcraft accusations against children is a spiritual battlefield. Please pray for supernatural empowering and protection for everyone involved in the event: for the theologians addressing the forum, for the team organising it and particularly for Liz and Gad Numadi of MECI, who are spearheading the project.

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