Where the journey began

As we celebrate BCT’s 20th anniversary, we look back at where it all began for us. The next three blog posts will pick up three key threads of BCT’s work, and outline how we first engaged with these issues and where God has taken us since then. First, let’s look back at BCT’s very first steps – and especially our involvement in serving children affected by HIV.

A dying boy in Zimbabwe set me on a 20-year journey and taught me that God can use us in ways we could never imagine, if we surrender our plans to him, writes BCT Director Susie Howe.

I had worked with adults with HIV or AIDS for years when I first met with Taurai – but he broke my heart.

He and his family were living in a decrepit hut in Zimbabwe and they had nothing: no food, no water, no clothing. Taurai’s father had already died and Taurai was now close to death.

The six-year-old was desperately emaciated and covered in sores. He had lost his hair and didn’t talk.

People avoided him, believing him to be infectious. I had never worked with children before but Taurai captivated me.

God opened my eyes through this little boy. Taurai needed to know that he was a child of the King that he was amazing. And the whole community needed to know this too – and to take care of Taurai.

This was Zvishavane, 1995, and in many ways where BCT’s journey began.

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