Witchcraft accusations forum in Togo

Susie is currently in Togo, helping to lead a forum on child witch accusations, alongside our friends MECI. The three-day event is bringing together influential theologians and church leaders from all over the country, to discuss the issue and appropriate responses to it.togo-rtaf1

Recent research has shown that accusations of witchcraft against children are widely accepted in Togo as ‘just something that happens’, so many of the delegates at the forum are finding some of their deeply-held beliefs are being challenged. However, their response so far has been hugely encouraging. There has been enthusiasm, energy and willingness to learn. A senior church leader has commented: ‘We will go back to our churches and share what we have learned with others. I want to go and start a revolution!’

Thank you so much for praying with us about the forum. As the event draws to a close, please continue to pray that the teaching will result in significant changes in the delegates’ hearts and minds, and that they will pass on their learning when they return home, changing the attitudes of whole communities.

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